August, 2009 Newsletter: New Features! New Data!

New Features! New Data!

MPIP is pleased to announce that MetroPhilaMapper, our free web-based mapping utility, has undergone several upgrades. Thanks to Azavea Inc, MetroPhilaMapper now offers several new analysis features. We have also added new crime and public safety data.

MPIP releases 2009 Community Indicators Report

Our Where We Stand annual report monitors eleven dimensions of community life, selecting a few critical indicators to tell us where we stand on those dimensions as a region and within individual local communities.

MPIP data and maps are online using MetroPhilaMapper

All the information from our past annual reports along with hundreds of new indicators are now accessible via MetroPhilaMapper, our interactive map making application. You can make your own maps, explore the data in tables and take the information to use in your own reports and presentations. Just click on the Making Maps/Explore Data link above and start mapping!

MPIP collaborates on community participation survey in Chester

In partnership with the Chester Youth Collaborative, MPIP and Temple’s UCCP are collecting survey data on adult engagement in the city of Chester. The survey, which is largely based on the Saguaro seminar’s survey at Harvard University, is being administered to adult residents in Chester by youth from the community. The data from these surveys will be used to formulate focus group questions with the hope of stimulating larger community interest and dialogue around the issues of adult engagement.