How can I get copies of the annual reports?
All annual reports are produced as PDF files and may be downloaded from our website. They are viewable and printable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This free program can be downloaded from

How can I get copies of the maps and supporting data?
All of the maps we have prepared are JPEG files and may be saved to your computer by right clicking on them. They are viewable and printable through any browser or image viewing program. All of the supporting data are provided as Excel files which may be saved to your computer.

Why do the maps vary in terms of the geography they describe?
The vast majority of our data and maps describe municipalities, the smallest general purpose local governments. We focus on municipalities because they are the locus of many of the policies affecting the region's residents. However, some data are only available for other units—e.g., zip codes or school districts—which may include multiple municipalities. Where the data allow, we also disaggregate data for the city of Philadelphia into the 12 Planning Analysis Districts defined by its City Planning Commission; the disaggregation is to recognize the hetereogeneity of the city.

How should I cite data or maps from MPIP?
Source: Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project, Temple University, at, accessed on [insert date].