Housing is a defining characteristic of communities. Housing helps shape the daily conditions of life for the region's residents in four major ways: it occupies a central role in budgets; it offers potential for improving household wealth when the value of housing grows; the housing conditions of communities create and diminish both financial and aesthetic values, and housing conditions both attract and repel potential residents. The indicators here focus on these issues.

Indicator 6.1: Change in rental housing
Indicator 6.2: Mortgage activity
Indicator 6.3: Change in average mortgage amount
Indicator 6.4: Home improvement loans
Indicator 6.5: Sub-prime lending

Indicator 5.1: New owner-occupied housing units
Indicator 5.2: Lending activity
Indicator 5.3: Housing prices
Indicator 5.4: Affordability
Indicator 5.5: Community revitalization
Indicator 5.6: Sub-prime lending

Indicator 5.1: Owner-occupied housing
Indicator 5.2: Housing owned with no mortgage
Indicator 5.3: Housing prices
Indicator 5.4: Age of housing
Indicator 5.5: Housing affordability
Indicator 5.6: Sub-prime mortgages and predatory lending

Additional Publications
State of the Nation's Housing 2007

A national analysis of housing starts, sales, housing markets, demographics, and challenges posed to owners and renters, with metro comparisons. Published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard Univesity, 2007.

Mortgage Foreclosure Filings in Pennsylvania

A state-wide analysis of foreclosures in Pennsylvania, published in 2005 by The Reinvestment Fund.

Additional Resources

Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University