Regional Transportation

The transportation network of the region links communities of all types, and offers access to jobs, schools, commercial centers, and recreational or other amenities. The transportation system—the road and rail network—is an infrastructure directly involved with other regional indicators, especially the commute to work and the physical development and shifting population centers of the Delaware Valley. These indicators deal with patterns of use and their impact on other aspects of regional life.

Indicator 7.1: Regional transportation network
Indicator 7.2: Commuter rail access
Indicator 7.3: Transportation costs: renters 
Indicator 7.4: Transportation costs: owners 

Indicator 6.1: Regional transportation network
Indicator 6.2: Commuting patterns
Indicator 6.3: Retail clusters
Indicator 6.4: Street density

Indicator 6.1: Regional road and commuter rail network
Indicator 6.2: Household access to automobiles
Indicator 6.3: Community work-residence ratio
Indicator 6.4: Public transit vs. automobile use

Additional Publications 
Investing in Transportation: A Benchmarking Study of Transportation Funding and Policy

A benchmarking study of transportation funding and policy in Pennsylvania and similar states. Published by the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, 2006.

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