The Regional Economy

One of the strongest indicators of community well-being is the types of jobs people have. Major forces affecting the region's communities include the location of these jobs and the kinds of firms that provide this employment. Looking at the centers of employment within the region, both in the aggregate and broken out by key sectors in the regional economy, reveals some of the forces affecting people and their communities in the region. These indicators portray elements of the structure of the regional economy.

Indicator 8.1: Employment centers of the region 
Indicator 8.2: Manufacturing employment 
Indicator 8.3: Creative economy employment 
Indicator 8.4: Eds and meds employment 
Indicator 8.5: Travel and tourism employment

Indicator 7.1: Centers of employment
Indicator 7.2: Manufacturing
Indicator 7.3: Creative economy
Indicator 7.4: Biotechnology
Indicator 7.5: Travel and tourism

Indicator 7.1: Centers of employment
Indicator 7.2: Manufacturing employment
Indicator 7.3: New directions: education and health care
Indicator 7.4: New directions: information and technology
Indicator 7.5: New directions: travel and tourism

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Measuring Success from Market Streets to Marketplace

The Report includes information about the region and how it compares to other markets on a number of key areas of interest, including: talent, regional assets, industry clusters, support for business innovation, the value of the region, market access and quality of life. Published by Select Greater Philadelphia, 2007.

Kaufmann Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, 1996–2007

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