School Quality

A special report by KIMBERLY GOYETTE, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Temple University

School quality is important to residents of the Philadelphia Metropolitan region for several reasons. For families whose children are enrolled in the local school district, the quality of the schools affects their youngsters’ experiences every day. Even for households without school-aged children, school quality may influence their community’s future prospects, since well-regarded schools can attract residents to communities, raising the property values in those neighborhoods. Using the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area Survey of Fall 2005, this section reports on how the region’s residents regard the quality of the schools in their community.

Indicator 11.1: Perceptions of school quality
Indicator 11.2: Influences on school choice
Indicator 11.3: Factors affecting the decision to change schools
Indicator 11.4: Schools as a reason to choose a community
Indicator 11.5: Race and school choice