MPIP’s activities in its 10 year life span created numerous products, many of which remain available to the public. It began by publishing an annual report that detailed the characteristics of the region’s communities across multiple indicators. There were six of these annual reports, in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Copies of these reports have been archived at this website, and can be downloaded as needed. The details of each category of indicator are provided in a drop-down menu entitled Community Indicators; and detailed indicator lists are found in the Table of Contents in each Annual Report.

Specialized reports on more specific topics were developed over the years between 2007 and 2012. Labeled Policy Briefs or Focus Reports, they each addressed a specific community challenge that affected people and communities of the region. These analyses pushed MPIP into incorporating issues that cut across the region in ways that were designed to engage MPIP’s user community in data driven discussions of these issues, while simultaneously attaching these discussions to regional, state-wide, and national issues of importance. Additionally, one Policy Report focusing on the reapportionment of voting districts in the region, was jointly produced by MPIP and Temple University’s Institute for Public Affairs.

In addition, for the first three years of the project, MPIP developed a telephone survey of residents’ attitudes toward many of these issues. The results of these analyses were contained within the Annual Reports for 2004, 2005, and 2006; the survey instruments are contained in an archive that is linked to this page. Similarly, the maps that were developed for both the annual reports and our Policy Briefs and Focus Reports are archived in a separate storage area on this site, also hyper-linked below.

Annual Reports

2010 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia"
2009 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia" 
2008 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia"

2006 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia"
2005 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia" 
2004 "Where We Stand: Community Indicators for Metropolitan Philadelphia"

Policy Reports

Policy Report, November 2011: State District Reapportionment in Southeastern PA

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief, May 2013: Foreclosure in the Phila. Region: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Policy Brief, Feb. 2012: From Neighborhood Schools to Charter Schools
Policy Brief, Sept. 2011: Immigration Helps Fuel Suburban Growth
Policy Brief, Jan. 2012: Using the American Community Survey to Measure Change
American Community Survey, Frequently Asked Questions, September 2011
Policy Brief, June 2011: Foreclosure Risk and the Phila Region: The Continuing Saga
Policy Brief, May 2011: Pennsylvania School Spending and Student Performance
Policy Brief, January 2011: Federal Aid to College Students
Policy Brief, December 2010: Growing Hunger
Policy Brief, October 2010: Consolidating School Districts
Policy Brief, August 2010: The Great Recession
Policy Brief, May 2010: Regional Economic Challenges
Policy Brief, March 2010: School Violence
Policy Brief, February 2010: Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Policy Brief, November 2009: Paying for Police
Policy Brief, October 2009: Taxing Arts and Culture

Focus Reports

Focus: Eastern North Philadelphia, 2008
Focus: Subprime Lending, 2008
 The Gender Gap in Post-High School Education, 2008
Focus: Population Change, 2008
Focus: Rental Housing, 2007
Focus: Evaluating Schools, 2007
Focus: Rating the Region's Quality of Life, 2008
Focus: Flooding and the Region's Landscape, 2007
Focus: Regional Rails as Community Asset, 2008
Focus: Suburban children at risk, 2007
Focus: Sprawl: Dispersal of employment, 2007
Focus: Jobs: Patterns of growth and decline, 2007

MPIP in the News

Economic Hotspots (Philadelphia Inquirer) Dec, 11 2008

Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Household Surveys

2005 MPIP Household Survey
2004 MPIP Household Survey
2003 MPIP Household Survey

Map Archives

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