Legislative Reapportionment

Policy Report: "Why the Conventional Wisdom about Reapportionment Reform May Be Wrong: The Case of 'Safe' and 'Competitive' State Senate Districts in Southeastern Pennsylvania." In a process fraught with political complexities, partisan battles, and potentially enormous consequences, state lawmakers in Harrisburg and across the country are redrawing the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts to take account of population shifts recorded by last year's Census. This process, called reapportionment, or redistricting, is required by the US Constitution to insure that districts are as equal as possible in population and that Americans are equally represented in the US House of Representatives and state legislative chambers. Using legislative representation in Southeastern Pennsylvania as an example, this policy report explains why the process is controversial, why reforming it is difficult, and why some attempts at reform may be problematic and perhaps even counter-productive.

Later this fall or early next year...

(Full report including a hypothetical redistricting map to maximize competition)