Create Interactive Maps and Reports

You can use MPIPs website to map hundreds of indicators across the municipalities of the Greater Philadelphia region. To do this, click the Make maps/Explore data link at the top of the page, and dive into maps, tables and graphs of the information that you care about. From basic demographic information, to the percentage of babies born at low birth weight, to the average mortgage loan on a home, we have the information you need to better understand the trends happening both in your community and across the region.

Read and Print Reports
Our interactive maps allow you to find answers to your own important questions. We also do our own research and create a series of publications that tell a story about what is happening across the region.

Starting in 2008, our annual report tracks a select set of indicators and reports on how each one changes over time. The reports also include an analysis of other metropolitan areas, to see how we compare. Prior to 2008, our annual reports reported on over 60 indicators that varied each year. We hope that our newer, more streamlined report will tell a clearer story about the trends in our region, while our interactive website continues to provide access to the rich collection of indicators no longer analyzed on in our annual report. You can access our annual reports by clicking on the Additional Reports link on the left hand side of the screen.

In addition to the annual report, MPIP publishes a series of shorter reports focusing on a particular issue. These reports provide a closer look at a collection of indicators surrounding a specific regional concern. You can access our focus by clicking on the Additional Reports link on the left hand side of the screen.

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